Who We Are

Who We Are

Key Hospitality is a Swiss quality assurance firm whose focus is to provide a mystery shopping service centered around the client’s experience. There is such an array of choice today with regards to service-focused companies, that excellent service and facilities have become a given and it is now the delivered experience that makes the difference. We all know however that there can always be a gap between what the expected experience is and what is actually delivered, it is for this reason that mystery shopping is essential to guarantee a level of excellence.

A new concept

Key Hospitality Group has therefore developed a new mystery guest concept that will not only assess your standards of service, but most importantly will weigh the impact of each touch point on the overall experience. Through a comprehensive report, the mystery shoppers will highlight your companies’ interfaces that most influence the experience, both positively or negatively, and will provide action steps to diminish the gap between the expected and delivered experience.

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Launching offer

In it’s international launching phase, Key Hospitality is offering a unique opportunity to hire our services for free. To find out more about this special offer and how our services can benefit you, please click here: Why choose us.