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Quality assurance assessments are key to underline lost sales opportunities for your company as well as areas that require improvement to better meet your client’s needs and expectations.

Key Hospitality will provide you with an objective evaluation of your services and hardware, with a full report highlighting all aspects that have an important impact on the overall guest experience. We have developed a new mystery shopper concept using the classic criteria reports with in addition a qualitative evaluation and a written experience report that focuses more on an emotional impression related to services and personalization.

Audit procedure :

Key Hospitality’s full quality assurance audit includes the following stages:

Pre-audit meeting: the Key Hospitality consultants will meet face to face or via skype with the general manager, or a company representative in charge of coordinating the audit, in order to discuss the exact requirements of the visit, for example what services should be reviewed, what type of clientele the company is aiming to retain, what objectives are they hoping to meet?

The experience : Key Hospitality consultants will conduct their mystery shopper evaluation, testing all services  and hard ware discussed during the pre-audit meeting

Post-audit meeting : following the stay, the consultants will meet once again face to face or via skype with the general manager/representative to provide their initial feedback

- The report : within 1 week of the stay, Key Hospitality Group will submit a detailed report including an evaluation grid and a written report for each section of the assessment. The report will be completed with a list of achievable recommendations to improve the touch points that most effect the guest experience.

This report can be submitted as a single complete document, three files (1.Evaluation grid, 2. Guest experience written report, 3.Recommendations), or as focused reports for each department manager.



Mystery Report


Improvement Recommandations